11:18pm September 23, 2014


Steampunk Game Boy

3:11pm August 31, 2014


I just uploaded some steampunk-y things to my shop. I moved them to page 5 to keep things organized, so to find what’s left in stock easily, just search for “steampunk” in my shop!

5:46pm July 30, 2014

"Time Flies" Necklace by KeyFantasy


"Time Flies" Necklace by KeyFantasy

10:19pm July 6, 2014


{ Made by Lunarieen - Etsy / deviantArt / Facebook }

2:12am May 31, 2014


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Hey everyone!
So I fiiiinally got my hands on more crystals, this time I got purple ones. Sadly, I when I was making necklaces, I found out that they don’t glow as strong as the aqua ones, so I guess I will just have to stick with the aqua. I’m still struggling to get them, but for once, I actually know that I will have them this Monday, so you can expect aqua glow bottles somewhere next week - for real this time :D

Due to the fact that these don’t glow as well, they are a lot cheaper! They are still really pretty and you should totally get one. Or two. Or twenty :D

Remember to always read the descriptions and shop policies when you shop on Etsy! Hope to see you there ♥